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Me and Stu With our Award Winning Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda

Me and Stu with our Superior Goat: Yorkshire Gouda

As you may know, me and Stu are very camera shy.  But, there is a possibility, probably only a very slight possibility that

Steve, our Parceforce man who took our picture today

a magazine may (and probably not!) do an article about us and our goat gouda.

One of the things we needed to do was to answer a lot of questions about it, the way we make it, a little bit about us and submit a picture.

The first bit was easy, I rattled that off last night, but the picture……of us…with the cheese……

We gulped, looked at each other and calmly carried about our business today, which was waxing a load of Smoked Superior, Smoked Original Goat and two tables of plain Superior.

Well, we had to get it over with sometime or another, but there are only two of us here today.  We tried to convince ourselves that we couldn’t have a picture taken of us because there was no-one around to do it.  Eventually, I asked our lovely Parcelforce man, Steve to do it, (in exchange for cheese, of course), so in honour of Steve, we have a picture of him too!

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