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Making Goat Butter

Our butter churn

Stu and Lydia did a trial making some goat butter for the first time last week, using cream derived from Jonathan (our goat milk man’s) bottling process. 

It made a beautiful, snow-white butter – you can add annatto to make it appear yellow, but we didn’t and don’t plan to – we prefer the ‘nothing added, nothing taken away’ way of life. 

Out of 8 litres of 51% butter fat goat cream, we made just under 5kgs of butter.  We have a

Our butter churn 2

 small semi-industrial butter churn that came from Holland, (though I bought it on ebay.)  It has a capacity of 27 litres but should only be filled 2/3rds.  We churned it for about 10 minutes, kneaded it cold fresh running water, added a small amount of cheese making salt (this does not have added iodine) and put it into pots. 

Lydia's goat butter monster

As we were all kneading it, Lydia applied her creativity and made a butter monster.

We’ve each taken a piece home with us, (whilst I am biased, it is rather nice!) given some to Jonathan and Jenny to say thank you for the cream and are sounding out our customers if they are interested in buying some – so far, though it is early days, there has been a fair bit of interest.  We plan to increase production of goat butter and start making cow’s butter too when we can secure a consistent supply of cow’s cream…watch this space!

A block of goat butter

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