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Mad Waxing Day Monday and Tuesday

Labelled green halves of our award winning Yorkshire Goat Gouda: Superior Goat

I imagine, like all cheese makers at this time of year, we have been busy.  Last Thursday alone, we had about a tonne of cheese go out of the door, which is a lot for a little cheese makers like us.

To keep up with demand, Stu and I have been waxing cheese like crazy.  On Monday we waxed a huge batch of our Yorkshire Goat Gouda Superior Goat in green halves which seems to take an age as there is the trimming, cutting in half, waxing, labelling, batch coding, bagging, boxing, another batch code and on the shelf.  On Tuesday we put the smoker on for the third time this week already and waxed a gazillion Superior Goat Cheeses.

Our little smoker serves us really well.  It is a Max Afos and can take 36 of our cheeses, eighteen on each side.  It gives off

Smoked cheese fresh out of the smoker.  The pieces of paper are to allow us to keep track of different batches

a lovely aroma whilst it smokes cheese and they come out a beautiful golden brown colour.  I do not know why, but demand for smoked cheese really peaks in the run up to Christmas and even I, who am not too keen on smoked cheese, (having been given smoked plastic cheese

Newly waxed Smoked Superior Goat Cheese

by my Grandma when I was little) am rather partial to our smoked Original and Superior Goat.  It has very subtle smoked flavours and is not too strong.

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