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Lucy from the BBC

BBC researcher Lucy paid us a flying visit to check us out for a programme she is helping to research.  It is about a man who will be tasting local artisan foods.  I asked her if I could have his job, and she laughed.

Lucy taking a picture of newly smoked cheese

I explained to Lucy how our little dairy works and how we make cheese, that I make it by hand, and that everything is done gently, gently in a long, slow, traditional way and that after all that effort, we only produce very small quantities. 

We talked about what a shame it is that few farmers make cheese at home in their dairy any more, the way it was done years ago (and without outbreaks of food poisoning, I am sure.)  Perhaps it is today’s environmental health rules and regulations that make this so difficult: you must have pest control contracts, insectocutors, full HACCP food safety plans to mention but a few things.

Lydia showing Lucy how to wax

Lydia showed Lucy how to hand wax cheese and she had a quick go at waxing some smoked Original Goat cheese that we’d just taken out of the smoker today.

Lucy trying her hand at waxing our smoked cheese

 Then Lydia showed Lucy our little smoker.  You’ve probably gathered, we are very proud of our little smoker.

Well, we’ll see if anything comes of it.  I am sure there are so many lovely places around the country where you can see artisan food being made, we are just one of them, time is at a premium and there are an awful lot of logistics to sort out, but I do hope that something comes of Lucy’s visit.

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