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Last Week’s Superior Goat Gouda Make

Stu stirring a large vat of goat milk

Last Wednesday, Stu made a vat of Superior Goat Gouda and I

Superior Goat Gouda straight out of the vat

assisted.  Making a gouda style cheese is very different from traditional territorial type cheese making in lots of ways and instead of draining the whey off, we fish the curd out of the whey.

After the first turn of the Superior Goat Gouda

Initially, we pile the pots only two high, unlike our other makes.  This is

Three rows of the press with Superior Goat Gouda

because the curd is still waterlogged with whey and they can topple, making pressing later more difficult.

We turn the pots around so that each has a small press before going into our large horizontal press.  After it is pressed, we put it in the brine bath, take it after a set time, let it drain and then we vac pack it to mature for a minimum of two months when it develops a good flavour and texture.

British Cheese Awards Silver for Ribblesdale Cheese Goat Gouda (Superior Goat)

We won a Silver at Nantwich last year for this cheese and are very proud about

Silver Award for our Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda

that and went on to win a Silver award again at the British Cheese Awards.  It has a smooth, dense and creamy texture with a slight tang to it and is not an obvious goat cheese.  We also smoke this cheese which imparts a subtle smokey flavour.  The Superior Goat Gouda is our best selling cheese.  If you cannot find any in your favourite deli/farm shop/cheese counter, e-mail Iona on ionahill@gmail.com and we will try and source some for you.

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