Last Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

The good things

  1. We met Frances who was a lovely cheese course attendee on Tuesday after a good Tasty Yorkshire make on the Monday

Snouter in the autumn before his trotters started to hurt

It was Stu’s birthday on Tuesday

  1. Stu made 2,000 litres of our Yorkshire Goat Gouda: Superior Goat and I assisted – and we got the pot size just about right!

  2. We did some mad waxing on Wednesday to top up waxed, labelled, baged and boxed stock

  3. The whey tank was emptied; might sound trivial, but if you can’t get rid of your whey, then you cannot make cheese

  4. We used silk as a cheese cloth for Frances, the lady who is sewing costumes for witches in the opera, Dido and Aeneas and sent it off to her, er, wet…

  5. I did a little bit more of re-writing our Quality Management file in SALSA style; no, that does not involve dancing around the dairy…I wish….

  6. Ordered some trotter shoes for Snouter to try and protect his feet and help his trotters get better – photo coming soon if I can get them to stay on

The not so good things

  1. Snow, snow and more snow and bitterly cold and then it was cold and snowed and then it snowed and windy and cold

One poor, sad, lonely and no doubt cold pheasant waiting to be let into the warm at our neighbours, GTEC

  1. I couldn’t get in on Friday as the roads were blocked, and how

  2. We only received 2,000 litres of goat milk – but better than nothing!

  3. Stu’s new pans did not arrive

  4. Snouter’s trotters still poorly

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