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Last Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Wow, what a week!

Phew - clothed and in the press!

Original Goat in the press

Last Monday we took the last batch of Original Goat out of the press, vac packed and weighed it.  We then rustled up a few orders to go out and potted out 28 x 500g pots of our luscious goat curd to be picked up the next day, only it wasn’t.  I then resumed the search for a new energy provider as the one I had agreed a rate with refused to get back in touch, despite assuring me that everything was kosher; it hasn’t.  So that took care of the rest of my day.  Stu prepped 36 cheeses to go into the smoker as we usually smoke cheese overnight on Mondays to wax on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was the usual waxing day, though it was not a mad waxing day, just a mild waxing day, as waxing days go.  It is pretty quiet at this time of year, so we did not need to wax a huge amount to replenish the shelves.

Wednesday was an office day for me and a day for clearing up e-mails and sending one out about cheese making class availability – a one day at short notice on 20th Jan, which as it happens, only had one taker, so we had to cancel it.

Stu waxing two cheeses at a time

Stu waxing two cheeses at a time

Wednesday was a Goat Gouda making day for Stu and Andrew.

Thursday was an Original Goat making day for Stu and Andrew whilst I had a visitor!  I have been talking with Simon who runs Blooming Branded Media who offered to make us a 90 second web tease – something I had never heard of, but no surprise there as my knowledge of media and marketing, is, as everyone knows, not, er….very good.

Simon has a tremendously impressive film and production pedigree, (BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 5 etc) and approached us with a view to extending their portfolio of work and help us at the same time – see here for some examples of their web teasers that include Bronte Guesthouse, Swaledale Woollens, Jarrod Headley Opticians and award-winning Butcher David Lishman.  Of course, I said yes!  By the way, they are offering web teasers for a 50% discount – see here or call: 0113 815 1113.

One table laden with 210kgs of newly made Original Goat

One table laden with 215kgs of newly made Goat Gouda

So we spent the morning bothering Stu and Andrew in the dairy, getting various shots of cheese making and my drivel before we decamped over to one of our customers, Country Harvest.  We did a little bit of cheese tasting with some daring customers at award wining Country Harvest and Simon took some really lovely pictures of our cheese.  A big thank you to Janet who runs the cheese counter at Country Harvest for her time, help and patience.  What a great day!  As readers of this blog will know, I absolutely hate having my photo taken, so I am awaiting the final piece with a fair amount of trepidation.

On Friday, we vac packed Wednesday’s Goat Gouda make, I prepared Monday’s orders and Stu tinkered in the dairy, making some minor repairs to our press whilst I then continued my e-mail catch up which seems never ending.  We called it a day at 4.30pm as the weekend beckoned.

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