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Last Two Weeks at Ribblesdale Cheese

Stu and Andrew potting up

Stu and Andrew potting up

We have been quite busy, hence my lack of blogging, apologies for that.  And the sun has come out too, which is slightly miraculous for this part of the world.

On Monday of this week, we were not making any cheese although we received our goat milk on Monday.  We potted out then previous week’s make, I vac packed, Stu cleaned down the dairy whilst Andrew washed all the pots; poor Andrew, he gets the best jobs.  We sent out nine orders on Monday, which is great, but then again, it is the beginning of the month.

On Tuesday we made Goat Gouda and 60 litres of our new mystery cheese which is garnering a fair bit of interest so far….fingers crossed.   Tuesday we made another 1,900 litres of Original Goat on Wednesday.  We also had the lovely Richard come to make goat cheese with us on Wednesday.  He was great to have with us as a) he has already made quite a bit of cheese already so was up on the different steps of cheese making and b) he has goats and sent me some pictures of them.  One of the goat’s favourite tricks is to walk up

Richard's goats and kids

One of Richard’s lady goats and kids

his arm and on to his shoulder and then perch on his head.  If you don’t know any goats, this may sound bizarre, but affectionate goats do this as a sign that they are happy with the world and their owners.   Another weird thing with Richard is that he knows my cousins and went to school with Andrew’s step dad………..it’s a small world!

We make fun of Andrew's tea - the weak palid one on the left

We make fun of Andrew’s tea – the weak palid one on the left

On Thursday, we had an interrupted but nonetheless productive mad waxing day.  I nipped out for a couple of hours to attend a networking session at the Dales Countryside Museum which was good and I met a few people and succeeded in dragging one poor soul, Chris, the owner of some holiday cottages in Swaledale, back to the unit to buy cheese.  That sounds cheekier than it really was.  We had a lot of orders going out on Thursday too, so a reasonably good start to the month, but it’s still early!

Today is Friday.  Apart from spending a fair bit of time wondering what we did on Monday, we potted out the Original Goat from Wednesday, Stu washed up, I vac packed, then we took a look at our new mystery cheese.  It looks pretty darn good to us and tasted even better.  Stu is now making some new Yorkshire Bowlers.  I am about to set off to see a potential new customer, an up market restaurant and I am taking with me some of our new mystery cheese.

Notable highlights of the previous week includes our annual visit by our EHO, Steve, who popped in on Wednesday to look through our paperwork, do a quick traceability, looked around the dairy, declined the opportunity to shovel cheese and gave us a nice report on his departure.  We made two 1,900 litre vats of

3 x 20 litres of new mystery cheese; you see: we do use the cheese making class crates ourselves!

3 x 20 litres of new mystery cheese; you see: we do use the cheese making class crates ourselves!

Original Goat, did some mad waxing and had a cheese making class on Monday.

Good Things

  1. Excellent mystery cheese, now we are starting to scale up slightly, having originally made 12.5 litres, we made 20 litres

  2. It’s still sunny outside and Snouter’s trotters are a little better and Stu made Pip a retractable wooden canopy so that she could sit out in the sun outside her kennel in the shade (a piece of wood and a stone on top to keep it on top of Pip’s kennel roof)

  3. We received some really good and constructive feedback from Martin at Paxton and Whitfield and interest to sell four of our cheeses – yippee!

  4. A good write up from our EHO for his annual visit

  5. We.. um.. rationalised the cold room which made the cold room look tidier (for a short while at least!)

Bad Things

We momentarily had a starling in the wholesale area yesterday.  When I arrived at work in the morning, Stu was standing by the up and over doors to the wholesale area which were wide open, muttering and brandishing one of our huge brooms.  It seemed that an uniformed starling, must have been a baby, as we have an agreement with the local wildlife that they stay out of our unit, flew into the wholesale side.  Stu thought he heard it on top of the cold room and was determined to be rid of it.  It must have flown off because we have not seen or heard it or been presented with any starling type evidence.

Next week we have two cheese making classes, three make days, a dentist appointment and one potentially interesting visitor.

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