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Last Monday of the Year: last cheese make and last mad waxing

A full cold room after a morning of emergency waxing

It’s all go here, so a quick blog post.  Stu and I did some emergency waxing first thing and got a few tables of both Original Goat (as we had none in stock) and our best selling Superior Yorkshire Goat Gouda.  So now we have a full cold room once again, ready for last orders.

At the same time, Stu is making a small vat of Tasty Yorkshire, something that we make solely for one customer.  It is a little

A small vat of Tasty Yorkshire

like Double Gloucester.  Cow’s cheese always goes slowly when it is cold, although having said that, after some very heavy rain over the last few days, all of the snow has disappeared and the temperature outside is above zero, which makes a pleasant change.  Stu’s comment about the vat being tardy was ‘it is getting there, but so is Christmas!’

I then did Monday’s orders for pick up later today whilst Andrew valiantly washed up the pots for last week’s Original Goat make, helped prep cheese for waxing and is now bandaging cheese to mature.

Andrew smiling happily for the camera whilst bandaging cheese

And now I must go and deliver an order of cheese for Booth’s supermarket up to Wensleydale Dairy who kindly take it on their wagon for us.  Then I have a load of bills to set up and pay and a pile of ‘paperwork’ to wade through.  And it is already 1.30pm – where does the time go?

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