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How Much Milk Can We Get in Our Large Vat?

One very full vat of goat milk being ripened

This much!

or 1,960 litres to be precise.

Stu Dec 2011 holding one of our Natural Rinded Matured Goat Cheeses

That’s a lot of goat milk which Stu made into Original Goat cheese last Tuesday.  But he did a valiant job, not splishing any over the side and with a bit of help, he did a fab job of ensuring that it wasn’t too wet when it was potted up – that is code for: it had the life shovelled out of it.

We got an 11% yield from it, giving us 99 pots.  That’s a lot of potting up and washing up when we knocked it all out.  On my Christmas list is an industrial pot washer….please….

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