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Highs and Lows of Ribblesdale Cheese’s Week – how was yours?


  1. A good Original Goat make on Wednesday with Andrew, our part timer’s help and an 11.8% yield

  2. A good dairy cleaning day for Stu and a good and productive office day for me

  3. Speaking to a lady called Frances from Blackpool who is making costumes for three witches in the Dido and Aeneas opera and would like the silk fabric she is using to be tainted with whey.  All to do with local myth that witches sit in the branches of an elder tree and the tree branches reach into a dairy and milk cows.  Frances has sent us the silk fabric which we shall be using as cheese cloth in Monday’s Wensleydale Cow make

  4. Two more cheese making classes booked!

  5. A mad waxing day on Wednesday

  6. More goat milk booked for the next 2 weeks, thank goodness!  (Thank you, Neil)

  7. Stu got a day off to see his parents (hi Val and Mike!)

  8. Snouter starting to emerge from his bed to eat breakfast (hot poridge, cut up potatoes and of course, cheese) as he was not getting up in the mornings to eat


  1. Being shorted on goat milk – it is unfortunately that time of year, combined with incredibly cold weather, there is little milk about: it is not just us 

  2. The label printer on the weighing scales conking out on us yesterday for half an hour in the middle of putting together five large orders – about 3/4 tonne of cheese went out that day – but Stu fiendishly fixed it with the aid of screwdrivers and some wiggling of bits

  3. Being told by someone that another person I was trying to get hold of ‘will get back to me if she feels the need to’.  This makes me laugh now, but it didn’t at the time!

  4. Snow, snow and more wretched snow and being snowed in on Monday which was more than annoying

  5. Snouter’s trotter’s still being poorly and having adolescent type acne on his tummy and (nether regions) poor piglet.  I am applying vet prescription cream, but it hurts him a little

  6. Still no grass

On March 15th 2012, we wrote about Useless Fact of the Day

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