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Great Recipe for Halloumi

It’s really weird; only on Friday, Lydia and I were talking about halloumi cheese and how to make it.  Then the next day I see that Alli, a Northern lass, now living in New Zealand looked at my blog.  I looked at hers and what do I see – a great recipe for making halloumi cheese on her blog. 

She has kindly let me share it with you. 

It is perfect for making at home. 

If anyone else gives it a go, I’d be most interested to know how it turns out.

The ingredients are as follows:

Ingredients for making halloumi _ approx 300g

  1. 2 ltr pasteurized full cream milk

  2. ½ tsp rennet (Renco), mixed with ½ tsp water

  3. Salt

To make it, take a look at Alli’s blog


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