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First Sight of Lamblets and Sheep

Baby lamblet sitting on the gravel, very nicely, by the gate to get on to the main road

Apart from the annoyance factor of having to drive through a field in order to get to my place and open and close the gate when there are sheep in the field, it was nice to see the first lambs of the year around where I live.

As you know, we have not had any sun, until this weekend, that is, and there is zero grass in the field, so the lambs and sheep are fed by the farmer who drives up and puts feed into some troughs for them.  This means that the noise of a car engine is automatically associated with food.  So when I drive up to the gate, get out of the car, open the gate, drive through, get out, close it, there is always one naughty sheep and its hapless lambs who try to make a bid for

Baby lamblets and their mother eyeing me up as I am trying to drive past them out of my house


That hasn’t quite happened yet as the lambs are too young to morph into evil sheep yet, but give them another week or so and they will.  What they have learned is that gravel is warmer than soil, so they sit on the gravel which of course is where I drive and do not yet understand that a car driving towards you is potentially a dangerous thing.

Mother and babies

The first morning they arrived, I drove through and approached the lambs sitting prettily on the gravel, tooted my horn – nothing.  Drove a little closer and tooted again.  No movement.  So I got out, and lifted the lambs up under their sweet little fat furry tummies with the palm of my hand, trying not to touch them too much and shooed them away towards their mothers.

I told Stu about this and said, ‘hey, do you want to see some pictures?’ To which he replied, ‘they look the same as the lambs at Askrigg!’  Baaaaa humbug is what I say!

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