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First Mammoth Make of the Week Part II

Newly engaged Mark and me clothing up 94 pots, yes, I am a midget

It was a long day today.  Stu kicked the day off super early, up with the larks and I got to work at a very tardy 7.45am.  We did not leave til 6pm.

Phew, well, Stu and Mark made 94 pots initially from the big vat.  We used one to top up some of the others that were a little light.  We do not make fixed weight cheese, though with practice and experience, we can usually fill them up to about the same level so that they come out on average at around 2.15kgs each.  I know some cheese makers have battery operated scales so that each and every cheese is weighed.  I tried that twice until the scales broke as they got too wet, so I gave up, especially as they were my scales from home.

Blocks in the small vat

The big vat went like the wind.  The small vat usually runs a little a little slower than the big vat, so we took the whey off at .245 which is quite a lot more than the norm for the large vat.  Then the shovelling commenced, punctuated by Euan’s goat milk arrival at 4pm.

Mark and I salted and milled whilst Stu

Pots from the big vat resting until we clothed up

took in the milk and we pontificated on the number of pots in total.  In the end, we got 38 pots from the small vat which gave us 133 pots in total.

138 pots in three and a half rows in the press

We’ve used up three and a half rows of pressing space, so it will be a squeeze (pardon the pun) to get tomorrow’s make in, though we have 300 litres less milk than we anticipated.  Mark will be with us again tomorrow – and talking of Mark, congratulations are due to Mark and Angela on their recent engagement – brilliant, and thank you for the invite and look forward to the big day.

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