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First Mammoth Make of the Week

The large vat filled

Here are some pictures of our first mammoth make of the week.  We have 1,950 litres in the large vat and 700 litres in the small vat.  This is probably the most we have ever pasteurised and the poor old pasteuriser was getting very fed up towards the end and spluttering, but we made it.

It will get a good old clean with nitric on Wednesday prior to processing 2,000 litres of sheep on the Thursday; it always gets a clean with caustic immediately after finishing pasteurising.  Nitric is a super cleaner and makes it run very fast which is what we need for the sheep as it is so rich, thick and creamy, it slows the pasteuriser down.

Stu is just cutting the large vat as I type and the two are staggered so that whilst we are potting up the first vat, the second one hopefully, won’t be far

Start of the little vat


Our part timer Mark is due in shortly and he will be helping with the hard labour.  Often when we have big makes, we each guess how many pots the make will come up with.  I reckon 130, Stu thinks ‘several

Filling up, slowly with the big vat behind

hundred’ but on reflection, 132 ½.  We will see!

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