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Final Sheep Make of the Year

Table 1 of sheep cheese vac packed today

We made our last batch of sheep cheese last Thursday so it is batch E12: 12th of April.  Now we need

Table 2 of sheep cheese vac packed today

to find a resting place for it to gently mature for the next twelve months or so.

It is not just a big job making the cheese, but also taking it out of the press, and today there were 150 of them, soaking the cloths, placing each cheese in vac packs, writing on the batch code, vac packing, weighing them and storing them away.

Then the dairy curd table needs to be cleaned down, the press cleaned, floors, drains and the wash tank.  Today we finished the main part at around 10.30am, so it took two hours between the three of us, but then there was the press, floor, drains and table clean down which Stu did whilst Lydia went up to the shop and I started catching up on paperwork again.

Cloths being soaked prior to a boil wash

I feel a little happy post sheep cheese party coming on.  Date to be decided.  (I shall miss Andrew our sheep’s milk driver.)  Or perhaps we could

One very clean dairy

combine it with a post BRC audit wind down.  Our BRC audit has been rescheduled for this Thursday with our favourite auditor, Philip Knight who runs Knight International.  He will be here, ready and raring to go at 8am on Thursday.

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