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Festive Season Cheese Wedges

Here they are before labelling

Here they are before labelling

Our very special customer, the one for whom we make the ‘special stuff’ has asked us to create some festive goat cheese

And now labelled: Original Goat

And now labelled: Original Goat


So this is what we did this morning: our Original Goat, cut into 12 wedges and waxed in red and green.  Only we did rather more than 12 which did take a little time.

Then each had to be weighed individually and have a batch code label put on the back.  Next they will be bagged so that the wax does not scratch, after all, we want them to be in pristine condition once they arrive at their end destination.

They have a best before date as end march 2012, which makes you think about how fast time has passed by and how soon we will be into 2012.

I am looking forward to 2012, lots of things to do, lots of plans to put into motion.  And then there is our BRC audit…..

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