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Digital Detox

We have been offline for 15 whole days.  Many apologies to those to whom I have not replied.

No internet at work and limited internet at home.  It has not been fun.  In fact, it has been diabolical – we receive most of our orders by e-mail, we arrange our courier on the internet…I won’t go on.  It all happened a couple of Thursdays ago when the entire phone network in and around Hawes inexplicably went down for a couple of hours.  This seemed to kill our router, only it took a week to identify that it was the router that had died.  We received our new router last Thursday and I am now at work, on a Sunday, catching up as we have a cheese making class tomorrow and I will not be able to get much done then.

Last Week: although it was a short week, we were busy.

Good things:

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat - three gold stars at the Great taste Awards 2013

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat – three gold stars at the Great taste Awards 2013

On the back of our recent win at the Great Taste Awards, our 3 gold star matured goat cheese is now available in Fortnum and Mason in London and through a different wholesale customer, it will be available in Selfridges in both London and Birmingham.

Our Original Goat cheese is going to be included in a Yorkshire selection by Booths and in special Christmas hampers

Ribblesdale Original Goat

Ribblesdale Original Goat

which is great news; we like Booths.  I also have a visit to Booths planned to see if we can interest them in some more of our cheese.

We had a visit from a lovely lady called Betsy who came to do an article about us for our local paper, the Darlington and Stockton Times, aka D’nS.  I think it will be out there in the next couple of weeks.

We had four cheeses on the go on Wednesday: our mystery gold award winning Nantwich cheese, (which will be launched soon, very soon) a sheep curd that we make for a Michelin starred customer in Cambridge, Original Goat and Goat Gouda, so it was all stations go.

I went awol on Thursday and visited some customers in the Longridge area and popped in to see our friends Fiona and Graham at Mrs Kirkhams which is always nice to do and catch up.  I chatted to Fiona whilst she cleaned down their magnificent Lancashire truckles.

On Friday, it was a bit of a race against time to get our mystery new cheese sorted for a customer pick up – we failed miserably – sorry Terry.  And we finalised the new labels for our latest addition.

The best thing of all that happened last week is that we got our broadband back up and running.  So once again, apologies for a fortnight’s silence.

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