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Christmas Finally Arrives

Boxes of orders to go out on Monday

Boxes of orders to go out on Monday

Wow, it has been a slow one.  The last three Christmas’ have all been very different in terms of timing and quantities.

We were extremely busy this November  – a record month in over three years and then it went very quiet…far too quiet.

We had several mad waxing days to ensure that we had enough waxed and smoked stock on hand, but for a week, it was disconcertingly steady.

Then all of a sudden, Christmas orders started to come in thick and fast.  It just goes to show, you cannot predict this business.

We have a tonne to go out this Monday, some of it can be seen in the picture left of our very crowded cold room again.  And, thank goodness, our sales for Christmas 2011 have pipped 2010.

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