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Christmas Cheese Boxes

Lydia's start on our cheese boxes

Lydia's start on our cheese boxes

It is about this time of year that we start to put together cheese boxes for our friends and family.  As we no longer have the wax bath on 5 days a week, due to my economy drive, instead, we schedule when we are going to wax and have Mad Waxing Days, so if we have it on, then we need to make the most of the time.

This morning, after doing our Special Customer’s Christmas Goat wedges, Lydia and I found some slightly oddly shaped cheese, perfectly fine, but pressed a little strangely, so Lydia decided to make a start on our Christmas boxes.  We usually put together around 25 – 30 in total and it takes time to prepare them, so we need a little time to get a nice selection in each box.  I think this year, it would be nice to put in one of our chutneys too.

Our cheese boxes will be going to our friends and family and our cheesey friends too, to thank them for all their help: Trevor from Orchard Valley, our milk suppliers, Steve our nice Parcelforce man, the Ratty man who is not very well at the moment and so on.

Last year we compiled a list of recipients up on the wall, only we accidentally did it in indelible pen, which was not clever,

Stu in case you had forgotten what he looks like!

Stu in case you had forgotten what he looks like! Here he is potting out some special cheese made solely for our Special Customer

so now we have a blue smudge.  We really need to keep a list that we can bring out every year and add to it.

Tomorrow, Stu comes back from a few days off, so welcome back Stu, we’ve got lots to keep us going – we’ve been busy!  And finally, good luck to Stu’s mum who is having an op today – hope it goes well, we are all thinking of you and look forward to seeing you next year.

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