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Cheese Caves in Manhattan

Spotted by my friend Nicola.  To see a video, click here.


Business Unusual: The Hidden Cheese Caves of Manhattan

Rob Kaufelt image credit: The Brander

Cheese is having its moment in the sun and entrepreneurs like Rob Kaufelt are basking in it.

At Murray’s Cheese, a Greenwich Village institution since 1940, the name of the game has been innovation ever since Rob Kaufelt took on the reins in the early 1990s. From being among the first cheese sellers in New York City to create special facilities for aging different types of cheese called “cheese caves” to launching nearly 100 mini-cheese shops in grocery stores across the country, Murray’s Cheese is hoping to bring the delicatessen delight to the masses. Check out how the company is keeping up with its own exponential growth and what it’s like to be the ‘Big Cheese.’

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/video/227192#ixzz2meCvtESQ


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