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Cheese Blog: www.cheesechap.com

Food journalist Patrick McGuigan

Food journalist Patrick McGuigan

A new blog all about cheese has crept on to the scene in the form of The Cheese Chap.

Our friend and food journalist Patrick McGuigan has started a new blog dedicated to cheese.  His most recent post reviews a piece of Tomme de Savoie, so if you want an informed view on cheese tasting, take a look!

This is a post I like: it is about the words that cheesey and non cheesey people alike use to describe cheese.  Remember the pretensions of Jilly Goulding in the 80s when she tasted wine, well, here is a great list that isn’t aiming at being pretentious, but it does include descriptions such as soggy dog and wet carpets, to describe some soft and semi soft cheeses.

Take a look and see if you can add any further descriptions, am sure Patrick would appreciate it.

I also like the though provoking post about 99p pieces of cheese – see it here.

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