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BRC Raw Material Risk Assessment – displacement activity

Penny Pig today 9th March 2012

Penny Pig today 9th March 2012

Aaalgh!  I have been very quiet this past ten days or so as I have had my nose stuck deep in Issue 6 of the BRC.  Today, I am working on section 3.  Section asks for a risk assessment to be undertaken of each raw material to identify risks to product safety, legality and quality.  There are a lot of changes to this section which are really extremely time consuming to document.

Another bloomin’ risk asessment!  Aaalgh!  For anyone who is remotely interested, this is how I have done our risk asessment:

I have identified the four risks: allergen, microbiological and chemical contamination and foreign body risks.  I have said who could come to harm e.g. members of the general public and how and then I have identified what steps we put in place to prevent these from happening and how we record this.

So this includes having intake sheets that identify checks made on visual appearance, smell and taste of milk, then our pasteurisation records, supplier assurances, lab tests, cleaning schedules and so on.

What a rigmarole!  As major displacement activity and to take a break from this that I have been working on

Snouter today 9th March 2012

Snouter today 9th March 2012

since 7.30am this morning, I just made a nuisance call to work to catch up on the latest event there and made my first visit to the pigs today and given them a little treat of some old ice cream cones courtesy of my friend Pat; they have a very sweet tooth and ice cream cones are strictly rationed to 4 each a day.

The pigs were out in the paddock in the grey and gloom quite happily digging large holes and eating the little grass shoots that are just starting to grow but haven’t made it to the surface.  And that is why there are pictures of my pigs in this post.

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