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Bonanza Chutney Making

Stu had a day off this week and in his absence, to keep us out of mischief, Lydia and I engaged in a little chutney making bonanza.

We have made a lot of cheese recently, so we have a little cheese making downtime to turn our hands to expand our range of chutneys.  We have 24 on the shelf in the shop now, ranging from fruity chutneys such as Granny’s Apple, Rhubarb, Spicy Plum, Plum and Apple, Pineapple and Ginger to savoury chutneys which include Macho Man Chilli Jam, Stu’s Smokey Tomato and Chilli and the best selling Red Onion Marmalade.

Lydia's Beetroot Chutney

We make our chutneys from fresh fruit and veg supplied to us by our local fruit and veg wholesalers; we like to use whatever is seasonal at the time which is great as it means that we have an ever evolving range.  Although we do not use any preservatives  or artificial colours, our chutneys have a long year’s shelf life.

Lydia made this beetroot and apple chutney, which is a beautiful burgundy colour, like a rich Gamay.  It has the sweetness of the beetroot and apple, contrasted by the tartness of vinegar and will go beautifully with any of our goat cheeses.

Then she set about a new version of our piccalilli, (Stu made the first batch,) which

Lydia's Piccalilli

is multi-layered with different flavours, slightly acidic, slightly sharp, a little spicy, with crunchy pieces of onion, courgette and cauliflower, which took an age to cut up nicely so that you still have a piece of stalk to keep it in tact, but is small enough to be bite sized and suitable for a jar.  This will be a perfect accompaniment to any cold meats, meat pies and some of our stronger cheeses such as our Natural Rinded Matured Goat and Cow cheese or our Goat Cheddar.

Sweet Pepper Relish

To take advantage of a large amount of red peppers, we made a sweet red pepper relish which will be as good in hamburgers as it will our cheese.

Finally, we prepped up a new batch of my favourite chutney, Macho Man Chill

The three chutneys together

Jam and a new batch of our fast selling Christmas Chutney which is a caramelised carrot chutney and tastes just like Christmas pudding to us!  These two will be completed tomorrow.

Our chutneys are available in The Little Cheese Shop, Hawes, wholesale or from us by post.

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