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Another One of Those Days!

A not very artfully arranged Christmas cheese basket

Where to start!  Last orders are just about over now, but we had a large number of Christmas boxes to send out and three Christmas Cheese hampers.  I tried to print out labels on the Parcelforce website, but was greeted with the message, we cannot pick up from you until Jan 2013.  This involved a 20 minute call to arrange for 14 boxes to be picked up and labelled at the depot.  I knew that this would go down like a lead balloon with our lovely Parcelforce man, Steve.

Meanwhile, Stu had decanted our lovely, aged brine into the little vat to clean out the brine bath whilst Andrew cleaned

One very clean and shiny smoking machine

our smoking machine.  I have never seen our little smoker looking so clean – good job, Andrew!  And now the brine is back in its brine bath and sitting in the cold room, which also looks spectacularly clean and tidy, sparkling, even!  The little vat is now clean and shiny and sanitised.

Then Andrew and I had a go and scraping wax off the floor around the wax bath, with a wallpaper scraper.  Andrew unwittingly got the short straw as he got the side where Pat spectacularly threw her Matured Goat cheese into the pan of wax which created a small wax tidal wave, mostly over me, I thought at the time, but also, now I realise, all over the floor too.

Very clean IBCs

Then we had one large and one small customer order which necessitated another call to the Parcelforce depot for more tracking numbers and more promises of having labels stuck on at the depot.  Stu arranged a pick of whey by our piggie man which means he is going to have to come in on Sunday for a little while to help offload, which is a bummer, but we need to have it picked up.

Then Parcelforce Steve arrived and true to our expectations, he was extremely unimpressed about having to take so

Friends and Family Christmas boxes

many parcels back to the depot to label and virtually threw every cheese box marked ‘handle with care’ into the back of his van; apologies to all those who may have cracked wax cheese or broken jars of chutneys.

Now Stu is steam cleaning the floor in the wholesale area, Andrew is cleaning the shelves underneath the wax bath and I am catching up on paperwork but will help steam clean but got a couple of urgent things I must do.  All we have left to do is take the Tasty Yorkshire out of the press, bag and vac pack it, stick it in the cold room and clean the press and curd table down.

And it’s only 3pm…..

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