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Anita and Family Visit from Somerset Cheese

From left: Nick, Adam, Hannah and Anita from Somerset Cheese

What a welcome surprise!  A large black car circled around us yesterday evening and I wondered if I should ask if I could help.  Then out popped the occupants, Anita, her husband Nick and their two children Adam and Hannah from Somerset Cheese.

What a surprise!  I recognised the voice, but actually meeting Anita was great as we had got to know each other over the years, by phone.  We showed them around our little dairy, comparing notes on how fast our various pasteurisers processed milk – theirs fast, ours, sedately, our respective moulds and how many times we had both been broken in to: us twice in 10 months, them three times and with far worse results.

Some of you may remember last July I congratulated them about their various star wins at the Great Taste Awards 2011, which reminds me, the forms are with us to choose our entries for 2012.

And then I asked if I could take a picture and here it is.  Lovely to meet you, Anita, Nick, Hannah and Adam and I hope we may see you again (and we can be more hospitable and offer you all a brew) before you head back off to the West Country.

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