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Andy of Yorkshire Quality Foods Does a Cheese Tasting With Us

From left: Stu, Lydia and Andy from YQF

From left: Stu, Lydia and Andy from YQF

It is always nice to meet customers face to face; sometimes, with the kind of banter we have with some of our customers, we feel like we know some well and are friends, but nothing really matches meeting someone in the flesh.

It was a good way to finish off a Friday, when Andy came over, from Yorkshire Quality Foods.

We did a fairly comprehensive cheese tasting with Andy, with ten out of fifteen of the cheeses that we make.

Although he is not a great fan of blue cheese, he really liked our new Blue Wensleydale, we converted him to goat cheese with our new Yorkshire Gouda, which really wowed him together with our new naturally rinded wensleydale and goat cheese.

Cheese and Chutney Tasting with Andy

Cheese and Chutney Tasting with Andy

Take a look at that Blue Wensleydale!  That is ours.  These are a selection of cheeses that we make.

We are very proud of our Blue Wensleydale.  We have a Blue Goat version too.

To the left of the Blue Wensleydale is our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat cheese.  To the left of that is our Smoked Original Goat and left of that is a young Wensleydale.

Behind the Blue Wensleydale is our naturally rinded Mature Wensleydale.  It takes between 3-4 months to achieve that thin, hard rind.

We are really pleased with our four new naturally rinded cheeses plus our new Yorkshire Gouda.

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