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Accidents Happen – Wax Attack!

Wax everywhere on the wax bath

Wax everywhere on the wax bath

Yesterday we were doing some mad waxing and we had my friend Pat working alongside us to help us out.  As readers of this blog will know, we hand wax a lot of our cheese – not all, as we naturally rind some.

We spent a little time training Pat how to wax and she was getting on quite well.  To hand wax, we have a large bain marie type affair with four

Look at the threads of wax on the dunked cheese

Look at the  whisker like threads of wax on the dunked cheese which had t o be stripped and re-waxed

large wax pans sitting in water.  The water is heated by the same type of element that is found in an immersion heater.  There is a thermostat and it is on a time clock as it takes about four hours to heat up.  Yet another energy hungry appliance of ours, which is why we try and limit our waxing to just once a week.  This doesn’t work when we are as busy as we are now.

We plan what colours to have in the wax bath the night before; we always keep two pans of clear wax as all cheese have three coats of clear as an undercoat.  Sheep has red wax, smoked cheese has brown wax, we have white, blue, green and a few other colours too.

The evidence: wax covered apron

The evidence: wax covered apron

Getting to the accident, Pat was waxing some blue goat cheese when she dropped it in the pan.  We’ve all done it, probably Stu and I have done it twice each in our time, but no-one has ever done it as spectacularly badly and splashily as Pat did yesterday.  My apron was covered from top to bottom in hot wax.  It got my jeans, shoes and arms.  There was no harm done, but it was quite a spectacle and much laughter ensued.  Pat did not have a single drop of wax on her, strange that.

Pat is now banned from waxing, well, maybe until next week.

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