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A Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Emma and John showing off their blocks of curd

Emma and John showing off their blocks of curd

The week seems to have gone very fast.  Monday we made Wensleydale cow’s cheese with the last delivery of Thomas’ milk.  He has decided to come out of milking cows but we have a new cow milk supplier whose milk we have processed before to take over.  So a sad farewell to Thomas and hello again to Roger who will be making his first delivery in a couple of week’s time.

We also had a cheese make class on Monday.  Tuesday we did a little waxing and also Wednesday as we had an unexpected large order and not enough waxed stock – oops – and made Goat Gouda on Thursday (100 pots) and Original Goat on Friday (97 pots).  As readers of this blog will know, we really do not like making cheese on Fridays and we have made arrangements not to do this in the future as it also involves coming in over the weekend to take cheese out of the press, vac pack and clean down.

Richard the lovely manager from Wensleydale Dairy’s Visitor Centre came to see us on Thursday and took away with him eleven of our cheeses to try out in

Wensleydale Dairy Visitor Centre

Wensleydale Dairy Visitor Centre

the Visitor’s Centre.  I don’t know why I have not met Richard before as he lives in Settle which is only another 12 miles away from where I live and we both drive in to Hawes from the same direction.  Richard loved our Superior Goat Gouda and its smoked sister version and he tried our Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese and took all three away with him to try in the shop.

I have been talking to a journalist who is writing an article for Flybe inflight magazine and he is coming to see us next Tuesday.  He is also writing about Swaledale Cheese, Simon Lacey and Shepherds Purse under a working title of ‘All Cheeses great and Small’.  I have been sourcing pictures of the sheep and goats that provide our milk for him.

And possibly the most exciting thing we have done this week is that we undertook two trials of our new mystery cheese.  Early indications is that it is yummy, but we still need to  check acidities and salt levels.  We don’t know yet how they will turn out….we will see and let you know!

My favourite music track of the week was Opportunity by Brasstronaut.  Stu’s: anything from the 80’s.

Good Things

  1. Good cheese making class on Monday

  2. Meeting up with Richard, the manager of Wensleydale Dairy Visitor Centre (who is going to give our goat cheese a try in their shop)

  3. Receiving our goat milk schedule for May and June – yay!  Thank goodness our goat milk is back ontrack.

  4. We finally managed to change our ratty contract back to our old ratty people

  5. So far, promising looking new mystery cheese trial

  6. One of our customers launched our Yorkshire Bowlers on 1st May

  7. We had a day of sunshine on Thursday; it’s gone now

Bad Things

  1. Having to come in on Bank Holiday Saturday to vac pack Thursday’s gouda make and on Monday to receive goat milk

  2. Discovering that whey in your eyes stings – don’t ask!

  3. I don’t enjoy doing any documentation for the RPA, but this is the time the annual return is due and that went off on Friday

  4. Almost run out of coffee – because Stu forgot to get some last week – this is almost a calamity – but to be rectified at Tesco tomorrow

  5. I still haven’t worked on SALSA

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