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A Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Stirring Superior Goat Gouda

Stirring Superior Goat Gouda

Back to work after the Bank Holiday, Tuesday elicited a fair few orders.  I had taken in delivery of 3,800 litres of goat milk on the Monday and Stu and Andrew made a vat of Superior Goat Gouda.  I spent a good part of the day preparing orders and organising the lab samples and then our journalist friend, Andrew arrived.

On Wednesday, Stu and Andrew made a vat of Original Goat and on Thursday, Stu and I did some waxing, vac packed the gouda and I completed the rest of the orders.  I took Friday off and have been decorating whilst Stu and Andrew made 66 new Yorkshire Bowlers, took the Original Goat out of the pres, vac packed it and cleaned the dairy down.

It was a busy week and we all took a look at our new mystery cheese and made some more on Wednesday.  I tried some: very tasty and the same TA and yield as the first batch, so consistent at least.  We are still giving samples to customers, one of which is very interested and will get back to us in a couple of days.  No-one has said they do not like it; even Andrew likes it – praise indeed!

Pet hate of the week: junk faxes.  We are getting way too many of these and despite entering the appropriate number in faxremovals.com, we are still getting them.  So, after discussing this with a customer, I found this which so far seems to have worked.

Good Things

  1. Our second trial of our new mystery cheese turned out really well

The other two sides of the room, now in green

The other two sides of the room, now in green

  1. Good Superior Goat Gouda and Original Goat makes

  2. We have finally changed ratty contracts

  3. The pasteuriser was serviced on Friday with no probs

  4. Busy with a lot of orders

  5. I now have a green room with all four walls painted green

Bad Things

  1. Half my tooth fell out with filling and still haven’t got around to phoning the dentist and I forgot to go the doctors for my B12 injection.  Tut tut.

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