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A Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Monday was a busy day, with a customer coming for an order of cheese we hadn’t received an order for so that involved fifteen minutes of mad scurrying around between me and Stu and we had a great cheese making class with Catherine.  Then another customer arrived to pick up some new mystery goat cheese that wasn’t ready until Tuesday so we worked hard to get it sorted but they didn’t come back until Tuesday!  There was lots of Mutley type muttering from Stu.

Victor in situ

Victor in situ

On Tuesday Victor arrived with Paul from Brytec who did a quick welding repair job for us as well which was jolly handy.  We are really pleased with Victor, he is very handsome and shiny and extremely well insulated, which is important for us.

Also on Tuesday, in between Victor’s arrival and welding, Stu and I fitted in a bit of mad waxing and we had an unscheduled visitor who bought along a Latvian, a Spaniard and a French guy, so a very cosmopolitan mix.  The weather started to break on Tuesday and we were in for gloomy grey, showers, interspersed with the odd flash of sun.

On Wednesday we made some more new mystery cheese alongside a 1,700 litre vat of gouda, because we had stolen 200 litres for Victor.  On Thursday Stu and Andrew made a 1,900 litre vat of Original Goat and I took a cheese making class with Martin who is planning to move to France next Easter and start up his own artisan cheese business alongside keeping goats, chickens and possibly pigs, but this is a tricky issue as Martin and his partner Leslie are vegetarians.  I know what they mean…

The potential new customer I saw last Friday ordered some new mystery cheese to pick up today, so first thing we vac

Martin stirring his cheese straight after cutting

Martin stirring his cheese straight after cutting

packed Wednesday’s gouda make and then we sorted out enough of the new mystery cheese for them and packed the remainder for potting up on Monday for an order to go out Tuesday.  Only our new customer didn’t show, instead he is coming on Monday.

Friday saw an old friend so there were brews all round.  Before that, we vac packed Wednesday’s gouda make and rummaged with the week’s new mystery cheese make.  Stu spent a big part of the day reorganising the wholesale area as we had a 7 pallet delivery of cardboard boxes and nowhere very obvious to put them.  I went to the dentist and had my tooth rebuilt.

Good things

  1. The arrival of Victor!  What a lovely, shiny thing he is

  2. Making 200 litres into our new mystery cheese for next week’s orders

  3. Two great cheese making classes

Bad things

  1. Stu tried to put a garden fork through his toe last week so he has one odd sock and one waterproof boot out of a pair; he is not overly impressed

  2. Rain

  3. I have just realised that our internal audit for SALSA is next week and I am not ready

  4. Dentist

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