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A Visit from Robert, Delifresh

Robert from Delifresh with Stu doing a cheese tasting

Robert from Delifresh with Stu doing a cheese tasting

Robert from Delifresh came to visit us today and it was a pleasure to do a cheese tasting with the cheese that we make with him – he has a very good palate.  I showed him around our little dairy, Lydia went through a presentation with him whilst Stu did a cheese and chutney tasting.

We covered the taste, the characteristics of the cheese, shelf life and possible uses and who of Delifresh’s customers may appreciate some hand crafted artisan goat and cow cheese.

Robert’s favourites included:

Natural Rinded Matured Goat

Yorkshire Goat Gouda and the smoked version

Original Goat and the smoked version

Natural Rinded Matured Cow

Blue Wensleydale oh, and our earthy unpasteurised Wensleydale which we are hoping he will take in the new year.

Great to meet you Robert and looking forward to working with you in 2012!

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