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A Typical Week in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Four rows in the press of sheep cheese and 120 Yorkshire Goat Gouda on the curd table, draining for packing on Monday

On Monday, we have around 120 Yorkshire Goat Gouda to vac pack and put away, then the 166 pots of sheep to take out of the press, vac pack, wash the pots and clean the dairy down.

Our next milk delivery is goat milk on Tuesday, so Tuesday is going to be a mad waxing day.

Wednesday we will make Goat Gouda, Thursday Original Goat and Friday we will be tidying up.

Brytec, our equipment suppliers are coming to do a welding repair on the whey tank for us,

Stu waxing two cheeses at a time

so it will be nice to see them and Michael, our pig farmer will be taking away 4,000 litres of whey for us too.  So a couple of visitors, two makes and a mad waxing day.

A typical week in the life of Ribblesdale Cheese; the following week, we will have three makes, one cow and two goat and two cheese making classes and somewhere in between, another mad waxing day.

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