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A Mad Waxing Day

A pallet of Superior Goat waxed by Stu today

I felt very guilty today as I was not able to help Stu with some mad waxing.  Lydia has a day off and I was nose buried in last minute BRC ‘stuff’.

Then we had our annual EHO visit, which to my shame and embarassment I had completely forgotten about….ooops!  It went fine, we see our EHO, Steve, as a friend rather than a foe.  He was very understanding, but them we don’t have anything to hide and are completely open about what we do and how we do it.

He did a bit of traceability, tracing from a couple of sheep make sheets, from the

Halves of Superior Goat waxed by Stu today

milk intake ticket to the make sheet to the batch book, checked some of our other records and had a look around.  I have to

Halves of Ribblesdale Original Goat waxed by Stu today

admit, he did spot a spider’s web that we hadn’t spotted, so that is history now.  We got a nice report with full marks and off he went.

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