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A Gold at Nantwich for our New Mystery Cheese!

Ribblesdale Cheese wins a Gold  Cheese Award

Nantwich International Cheese Awards – Ribblesdale Cheese, artisan cheese makers based in North Yorkshire, have won a gold award at the International Cheese Awards on 30 and 31 July in Nantwich, England.

The annual cheese show consisted of 190 international judges and over 4,200 cheese entries, a record number, from over 27 countries.  This is a link to results.

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat

We also won a bronze for our Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese (see picture left) and a very highly recommended for our natural rinded matured sheep cheese.

Hey, congratulations all round!  Winning a gold for a new product that we developed a little over three months ago is tremendously validating.  It would be nice if it resulted in the phone ringing off the table, but that hasn’t happened to us in the past when we have been lucky enough to win awards, however, if it means a greater awareness of the dedication of the two and a half of us at Ribblesdale Cheese and  our artisan cheeses, then that has to be a good thing; if people would like to buy some, even better!

The new (gold award winning!) mystery cheese will be unveiled shortly together with the story behind it.


For the first time this year, we closed up shop on the trade day,

More judging tables

Some judging tables

Tuesday of last week when Stu and I drove down to Nantwich.  It took about two and a half hours to get there and we didn’t even get lost, after abandoning the sat nav on the outskirts of Nantwich when we decided it was probably better to follow the yellow signs.

More tables

More tables

It was a sunny day until the drive back which was a relief as I have been to Nantwich before when I got my wellies stuck in mud.  It was nice to catch up with some cheesey friends, including recent cheese making class attendee, Simon, who was a steward, Jaap the cheese equipment seller, one of our Lancashire friends, Chris Sandham and his wife and Adrian, owner of Fowlers.

We had a small stand next to Adrian a couple of years ago at Nantwich, which is how we met, so it was nce to catch up.  Adrian and his team won a gold, silver and bronze at the show – congratulations!  Chris won seven prizes – brilliant, congratulations!  I saw the guys from Bradburys and Dewlay

Some of the stands

Some of the stands

and met some lovely people there.

I said hello to Garry (again, I do this each year), the cheese maker at Applebys and sampled their unpasteurised coloured Cheshire which has to be one of my personal highlights of each show, but then again, so was the Picos Blue.  Stu and I tried deep fried hallumi, introduced to us by the nice lady on the stand as ‘squeaky’ cheese along with some deep friend Spanish goat/sheep mix of cheese which was a lot nicer than it sounds.

There was a lot of cheddar on offer which we dutifully tried and several European stands.  Another favourite was the quark stand – who knew that a fat free concoction could be so tasty!

The walk way up to the great big cheese marquee

The walk way up to the great big cheese marquee

Then there was the record for the world’s largest cheese cake which after seeing people in wellies wading in it was not as attractive as it sounds.

All in all, a great day out and some great wins!

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