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A Day in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

A very empty coldroom

First thing, Stu and I surveyed the cold room.  It was extremely sad looking and a little forlorn with many empty shelves.  This is not a good sign, not at this time of year when we need to be fully stocked with waxed, labelled, bagged and boxed cheese.

Stu and Andrew had put the smoker on last night and Stu had emptied it first thing this morning, bringing the cheese inside into the wholesale area to be waxed in brown.  So a bit of mad waxing ensued, first Smoked Original Goat and then Smoked Superior Goat, in brown wax.

Then a table of Superior, our best selling Yorkshire Goat Gouda cheese and a table of Original Goat.  We then introduced

Original Goat

Waxed wedges of blended cheeses for Christmas boxes

Andrew to the fine art of waxing wedges of some of the blended cheeses we do for Christmas boxes.  Of course, waxing wedges involves tasting each variety to make sure they are ok.  Stu’s favourite was the Wensleydale with Peri-Peri, mine was the Wensleydale with Garlic and Parsley, closely followed by the Rosemary and Thyme.  Andrew liked anything that was not strong.

Our friendly goat milk delivery driver

Then we had a delivery of goat milk from our very friendly goat milk tanker driver.  So that kept Stu busy for a while whilst I cracked on with some orders that had to get done before Steve our Parcelforce man arrived.

After a quick brew, Andrew prepared a mountain of Matured

A mountain of Matured Goat cheese

Goat whilst I trimmed them and Stu waxed them.  A true team effort!  I then boxed them up and Andrew placed them on the empty shelf in the cold room for we had none in stock.

For the final act of the day, Stu and I prepared a table of sheep cheese whilst Andrew emptied and cleaned out the wash tank in preparation for tomorrow’s 1,900 litre Superior Goat Gouda make.  Floor swept, everything washed up and it was time to go and start our cars and defrost the windows.  Stu’s car said -3 oC, mine said -1 oC.  Either way, it was damned cold!

Another busy day.

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