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A Customer Goes Down

I think it is sad when a business goes down, irrespective of how well run it was or wasn’t: there are staff to pay and make redundant, premises to close, equipment to sell and suppliers to pay, including us and no doubt a whole host of others.

A customer of ours, Bruce Oliver has just gone in to liquidation.  He was a wholesaler of cheese.

Bruce Oliver, a contemporary of my uncle’s, started the business in the 1980s in Easingwold, N. Yorkshire and sold it to Andy Kirk at the same time I took over my uncle’s business.  In this way, Andy and I had a bit in common; we had both taken on a business that was not necessarily in our immediate comfort zone or that we had experience in, so we swapped news, ideas and information from time to time and he bought our cheese.

Ok, we frequently did not see eye to eye about how quickly we were paid (our terms are 28 days!) but Andy always seemed a hard working guy with plans for the future.

Today, I discovered, the liquidators have been called in.  This is increasingly a sign of the times.  Good luck to you Andy in whatever you find yourself doing next. 

Update 25/2/11: see Mr Blue Beard’s comment.


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