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A Busy Thursday

Last Thursday was a busy day.  I took the 7.09am train to Leeds which is part of the famous and scenic Settle to Carlisle route, only I go in the opposite direction which is slightly less scenic!  I live close to the Ribblehead station near the iconic Ribblehead viaduct and it takes around 1hr 35 mins to get to Leeds. 

I hotfooted up to the University Business School and handed in the final essay for the first year of my MSc in Manufacturing and Leadership to the postgraduate office – the deadline was 12am that day.  The first year of studies (out of three,) has positively evaporated but has been hugely rewarding and fun ( I sit on the ‘naughty table’), as well as damned hard work; I get a lot out of mixing with my fellow students who are from all walks of life, large companies and small and applying my learnings to my work.  A huge feeling of relief ensued….that is the last essay until September when the second year starts.  It was about Manufacturing Futures and about understanding future likely trends and making plans as to your own business’s future.  A quick goss with Sam, the course administrator, quick coffee from the Bus School café and spent an hour in the postgrad computer room which has a lovely calm and relaxed feeling to it, catching up on work e-mails.

A little corner of the postgrad computer room - a calm oasis

Then I had a meeting with the export guys from Yorkshire Forward/Business Link so after getting embarrassingly lost in the corridors of the Business School which all look the same to me, I walked back into town, past the station to the Yorkshire Fwd offices in time to meet Yeunjin, the commercial officer from the British Embassy in South Korea and Sarah the Bus Link coordinator. 

Yeunjin from the British Embassy in South Korea and Sarah from Business Link

It’s funny, you can research all you like but you will never get to understand or learn about a national psyche without meeting someone from that culture.  Yeunjin was very interesting: she said that in Korea, people like to eat nibbles when drinking and that was usually cheese.  There are ‘wineries’ that sell upmarket wine and some Korean made cheese including brie, camembert and cheddar together with imported cheese.  Department stores also sell cheese. 

 I really hope we can make something happen with Yeunjin, watch this space!


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