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A Busy, Multi-Tasking Sort of Day So Far…


Our Yorkshire Bowlers made with our award winning Wensleydale

Our Yorkshire Bowlers made with our award winning Wensleydale

They have been bouncing out of our little dairy like hot potatoes or cricket balls, should I say.

Stu had valiantly already zested and juiced the lemons I needed to make a vat of Granny’s Apple Chutney for a new customer.  I got together all the dry ingredients, mixed spice, cinnamon  ginger, sugar and sultanas and set the pan of ingredients off.  Between us, we had prepped the fruit and veg yesterday late afternoon after a rather odd sort of mad waxing day.

Andrew, our new part timer knocked out the Tasty Yorkshire, a Double  Gloucester style cheese we make exclusively for one of our customers.  We made this on Monday from cow’s milk.  Our Tasty Yorkshire has annato in it to give it its distinctive


I was seeing to the Granny’s Apple chutney: fruity and spicy with a nice munchable sort of texture.


Then Stu set to with the vat of goat milk, there is a little over 2,000 litres in it.  He keeps asking ‘who put that much milk in the vat?’  Andrew and I say nothing.

Stu and Andrew are now scooping out the curd into pots as I write this: this is our Yorkshire Superior Goat Gouda.


Ah yes, and there are some orders to get together to go out later.  Must crack on with that!

It’s all go!

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