Yorkshire Manchegoat

Yorkshire Manchegoat


A continental style, natural rinded goat cheese, weighing approx. 1kg, this is a goat version of a Manchego style cheese, aged two months and older.

This is based on a traditional Manchego recipe created by Iona using authentic Manchego moulds, purchased from Spain, to give it its traditional woven appearance, though with a difference, as it is made with goat milk.

We were approached by a tv production company to work with John at Churchmouse Cheeses in Barbon to develop a new sheep cheese, using local ewe’s milk. Iona suggested a Manchego style cheese and set about conducting a series of trials. We were so pleased with the Yorkshire ewe’s milk Manchego that we decided to make a goat version. This is a high maintenance cheese and is rubbed with a secret oil to help maintain the distinctive rind and to slow down moisture loss.

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