Yorkshire Manchego - Ewe's Milk

Yorkshire Manchego - Ewe's Milk


A natural rinded, ewe’s milk Manchego style cheese, made to a traditional Manchego recipe, using authentic Manchego moulds, purchased from Spain. This little beastie comes in at about 1kg and is aged two months and upwards and is one of our high maintenance cheeses, it is rubbed with a secret oil and turned every week.

In 2018, we were approached by a tv production company to work with John at Church Mouse Cheeses in Barbon to develop a new using local sheep milk. Iona suggested a Manchego style cheese and set about conducting a series of trials. Our Yorkshire Manchego debut was broadcast in June 2019 on Channel 4 More and we now make two varieties, one made with ewe’s milk and another made with goat milk: Yorkshire Manchegoat.

Awards Won

2019 Nantwich: Silver