Superior Goat

Superior Goat


A Yorkshire take on a goat Gouda, hand waxed and weighing approx. 2.1kgs. It is aged to around three months, the key characteristics being a firm, smooth and creamy texture which finishes with a slight twang. Superior Goat and our smoked version, Smoked Superior are our bestselling cheeses.

This is the first continental style of cheese we taught ourselves to make. We have used our knowledge and expertise gained making our Superior Goat to develop other continental styles of goat and sheep cheese; very few cheese makers in the UK make continental style of cheeses which employs very different techniques, compared to traditional cheese making.

The difference between the Superior Goat and Original Goat lies in the way in which it is made. Our Superior Goat is made in a continental style which gives it its very distinctive smooth, dense and creamy texture, with a slight twang. The Original Goat is a lovely, polite and well mannered, mild cheese with a slightly crumbly texture.

They are two very different cheeses.

2kg wheels are hand waxed in cream, 1kg halves are hand waxed in a very distinctive green colour.

Awards Won

2015 Nantwich: VHC

2014 Great Taste Awards: 1 Gold Star

2014 Nantwich: Bronze

2012 British Cheese Awards: Silver

2012 Nantwich: Silver