Smoked Superior Goat

Smoked Superior Goat


Our Superior Goat, lightly smoked in our small commercial smoker, using oak chippings from Theakstons Brewery, who in turn buy whisky barrels from a Scottish distillery and plane them down – these are our chippings – and give an inimitable and completely unique feel.

The difference between the Smoked Superior Goat and our Smoked Original Goat lies in the texture and flavour. The Smoked Superior Goat is a continental style cheese with a dense, smooth and creamy texture, with a slight twang and a subtlly smoked flavour.

It has a wonderful caramel appearance and aroma and is hand waxed in brown. Don’t dismiss smoked goat cheese until you have tried this very subtly smoked goat cheese.

Awards Won

2015 Nantwich: Bronze