Original Goat

Original Goat


This is a traditional, very polite, mild mannered goat cheese that makes a great introduction to goat cheese; perfect for those who have not found a goat cheese they like. This is a traditional style of cheese, aged two to three months, hand waxed in cream wax or cut into 1kg halves and hand waxed.

This was the first cheese that Iona made, back in 2008 and we have now developed a product portfolio that encompasses another twelve cheeses. In a blind tasting with a supermarket buyer, the consensus around the table was that you really would not know that this was a goat cheese.

The difference between the Original Goat and Superior Goat lies in the way in which it is made. Our Original Goat is a traditional, mild cheese, with a slightly crumbly texture. Our Superior Goat is made in a continental style which gives it its very distinctive smooth, dense and creamy texture, with a slight twang. They are two very different cheeses.

Awards Won

2013 Great Taste Awards: one gold star

2012 Nantwich: Highly Recommended

2011: Great Taste Awards : one gold star