This is a small, natural rinded, matured goat Gouda, aged 2-4 months, in a small, approx. 1kg disc.

Our Gouda Gold is made in a continental style, shaped liked a little flying saucer. It has a natural rind and has an aged semi-soft interior, pale white and very tasty. This has packed in a lot of awards for such a small cheese.

Awards Won

2017 Great Taste Awards: 2 Gold stars

2016 Great Taste Awards: 1 Gold star

2016 Nantwich: Gold

2015 Great Taste Awards 1 Gold star

2014 Great Taste Awards: 2 Gold stars

2014 British Cheese Awards : Silver

2013 Great Taste Awards: 3 Gold stars

2013 Nantwich: Bronze

2012 Nantwich: Gold

2012 British Cheese Awards: S:ilver

2011 Great Taste Awards: 2 Gold stars

2011 Great Yorkshire Show: second prize in class 57