This is a natural rinded, aged goat cheese to 3-5 months and weighs approx. 1.8 kgs.

Affectionately named by one of our customers who likened our Goatisan to a vegetarian, goat version of Parmesan. We will be the first to say that it is not as hard or dry as a Parmesan, it still has a little give, and has layers of flavour.

This was Iona’s very first natural rinded cheese creation and it is extremely popular amongst foodies who buy whole ones from us. It is cloth bound and matured for three to five months, giving it a thin, 2mm natural rind. This cheese, along with our Gouda Gold, Owd Ewe and Goat Curd are our top four award winning cheeses.

Awards Won

Great Taste Awards 2017: 3 Gold Stars

Great Taste Awards 2017: Top 50 out of 12,000 products entered

Nantwich 2016: Gold

British Cheese Awards 2016: Bronze

Great Taste Awards 2015: 2 gold stars

British Cheese Awards 2015: Silver

Great Taste Awards 2014: 2 Gold Stars

British Cheese Awards 2014: Silver

Great Taste Awards 2013: 3 Gold Stars

Nantwich 2013: Bronze

British Cheese Awards 2012: Silver

Nantwich 2012: Gold

Great Taste Awards 2011: 2 Gold Stars