An all-round favourite: multiple award winning, soft, creamy, citrusy, luscious and now, due to popular demand, available to buy online. This was the first soft cheese developed by Iona in 2013 and it has been a best seller ever since, spawning many imitators. Available in 150g retail cardboard sleeves, 250g, 500g and 10kg vac packs.

You can eat it fresh, on biscuits, with chocolate, drizzled with honey, with fruit, in a salad or you can bake with it. Bettys of Harrogate have used this on the menu for over five years and make the most wonderful open sandwiches and beetroot tarts.

Thomasina Miers, of Oaxaca created a delicious recipe using our goat curd, here. It was at one time in Waitrose and Ocado. More recently, Tommy Banks and Sven-Hanson Britt chose our goat curd as part of a starter in their online fine dining menus.

Awards Won

2017 Great Taste Awards: 1 Gold star

2016 Nantwich: Silver

206 British Cheese Awards: Gold

2015 Great Taste Awards: 2 Gold stars

2015 British Cheese Awards: Silver

2015 Nantwich: Bronze

2014 Nantwich: Gold Award

2014 British Cheese Awards: Silver

2014 Great Taste Awards: 1 Gold Star

2013 Nantwich: Gold

2013 British Cheese Awards: Bronze