Are your cheeses made from pasteurised milk?

Yes, all of our goat and sheep cheeses are made from pasteurised milk.

I am a vegetarian, can I eat your cheese?

Yes, all of our cheeses are made from vegetarian rennet.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free!

When will you send my order out?

We will try to send you order out the next day, but please bear in mind, because of courier delays, we do not send cheese out on Thursdays or Fridays. We send most cheese out on Mondays, to arrive, all being well, the next day, on Tuesday.

How long will it take for my cheese to arrive?

We pay for next day delivery. In rare cases, sometimes cheese is delivered the day following expected delivery. We will send you tracking information; should your cheese be delayed by a day or two, it will be fine, please take them out of their vac pack, wrap in waxed paper or cling film and store in an air tight container in the fridge.

You use a courier, right, can I track my cheese?

Yes, of course! We will send you your tracking information for you to keep an eye on your cheese haul’s imminent arrival!

My cheese has not arrived, what should I do?

Please go to the relevant courier website and check your tracking information. Apologies, we cannot do this for you. If your cheese has not arrived within five days of the expected delivery, please get in touch with us and we will do what we can.

How long will my cheese last?

Our hard cheeses, once opened, should last 10 to 14 days if they are wrapped well. On arrival, please take them out of their vac packs and re-wrap in waxed paper or cling film and place in an airtight container in the fridge. You may find it helps to change the wrapping from time to time. Should the edges become discoloured, just sliver this off and re-wrap.

Whole cheeses should last upwards of a month, providing they are stored correctly.

I don’t have any waxed paper, can I wrap my cheese in cling film instead?

Yes, of course, cover the cut side and stretch the film tight to prevent air getting in and drying out your cheese. It may help if you cut a new piece of cling film each time you unwrap your cheese. If you have taken a piece of cheese out of the fridge to warm up to room temperature, prior to eating, it is better to remove the cling film, otherwise the cheese may not be able to breathe and it will sweat, which is not what we want.

Can I freeze my cheese?

Yes, you can. You can freeze it in its vac pack and then defrost by taking it out of its vac pack and defrost in the fridge, naked, then rewrap when defrosted, and store in the fridge.

This is a present for a friend, can you include a message?

Yes, of course, we would be happy to, let us know at check out.

Should I eat the rind?

This is a personal thing – the rind will have different and stronger flavours than the rest of the cheese. Some people like it, others don’t. Some say you should try it to get the full flavour spectrum – it is up to you, but yes, they are edible.

I’m having a dinner party, how much cheese do I need?

Assuming that all of your guests are cheese lovers, I would say allow 100g per person. A nice selection should include four or five cheeses.

Can I order a cheese that is not currently offered online?

At the moment, we are sorry, only the products shown are available online, but if we receive a lot of requests for the same product that is not listed, we may change this.

I would like some whole cheeses for wedding cakes

Oh, congratulations! Please get in touch by using the contact us form and we will see what we can do with sizes etc.